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Smart Locker with “Pick It Up” system for self-service services

For over a year, our daily habits have been radically changed: smart working, home deliveries and reduced travel. These are changes that have complicated many aspects relating to the management of goods, deliveries and interpersonal relationships, also due to respect for distances between people.

Today Finlogic is able to offer solutions that allow you to face these changes, thanks to the new smart lockers, better known as Smart Locker, for the delivery and exchange of all kinds of products in total safety.

Smart Lockers are lockers available 24 hours a day that offer self-service services managed and controlled locally or remotely, simple to use and efficient in functionality.

With Pick It Up, the locker management software, it is possible to respond to any type of custody and exchange of goods: from documents to electronic devices, from food to medicines.

The management software allows you to conveniently organize and monitor all lockers, connected remotely. From the management dashboard it is possible to check the status of the individual lockers: available / occupied, closed / open.

In addition, the Pick It Up allows you to choose the most suitable way to access the locker: password, QR CODE, RFID tag or simply with a smartphone.