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Smart Logistics

Finlogic Smart Logistics solutions

In an era where everything runs fast and is digital, even Logistics must be Smart!

In fact, logistics and distribution activities have always been the main nodes and possible critical points of every production and distribution company, be it small, medium or large.

Finlogic, thanks to the high experience of the managers and engineers of the subsidiary Mobile Project, is able to optimize warehouse management processes (WMS) and offer Smart, advanced and customized solutions, both software and hardware, to facilitate these activities.

Some highly widespread solutions implemented in many client companies, are for example the Pick To Light for picking and putting of products, the Real Time Location System, augmented reality, the management of the transition of warehouse software from Windows to Android and much more. other. Everything is always designed and developed with a view to accompanying the customer to a reduction in costs and human error, as well as an improvement in production efficiency.