Opticon partner

Opticon is a company with a worldwide presence, specializing in the production of advanced barcode readers, which has grown to become a leader in the production of high quality automatic identification readers. Finlogic, an Opticon authorized dealer, offers one of the best performing automatic identification product lines, including the latest generation Opticon barcode readers for fast and reliable optical data reading.

Opticon readers

Opticon offers different types of readers, from the cheapest device to the one specific for the industrial sector. Depending on the work environment where it is to be installed, the operating modes and the type of hardware and software interfacing, you can choose the most suitable Opticon barcode reader: from industrial barcode to fixed counter barcode, for manual or countertop use. .

Finlogic is able to respond efficiently to any request for assistance by operating throughout the country through an articulated network of professionals. For technical support, it is necessary to fill in the RMA form that can be downloaded on this page to receive assistance or request a quote for the repair of Opticon devices.