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Tailor-made projects

Customized label applicators

The Finlogic division of “Labeling and Coding” is mainly concentrated in the development of projects aimed at satisfying the process of automatic application of labels and the simultaneous printing of variable data such as batch and expiration.

The needs that we are able to satisfy are endless, from application on simple products such as cylindrical jars, bottles, shaped products, large or very small products, boxes, envelopes or open packages, to the labeling of pallets.

The experience of Finlogic engineers, for example, has allowed us to develop in collaboration with Epson, the first printing and applying system, with a digital printing system for color labels printed directly on demand on the production line: the CW-APT, for just in time production.

Specifically, we deal with the design and construction of complete lines for: Dosing, filling, capping, labeling, end of line.

We take care of the feasibility study, the project, the realization, thanks to the partnerships between the subsidiaries of the Finlogic Group and the leading suppliers in the sector. We are able to provide "turnkey projects" to start producing without worries.

Guaranteed pre and post sales technical assistance