Laser markers for every application

Laser marking is the best technology to ensure the legibility and permanence of codes and writings on all materials. The laser can mark 2D codes of small dimensions, up to 0.5 x 0.5 mm. Employed in industrial,  automotive , mechanical and engineering manufacturing companies.

The subsidiary System Code of Bergamo boasts a great experience in the marking sector thanks to the provision of two markers, one for special permanent labels, the other for cards and metals, at competitive prices.

The characteristics of laser marking

Laser markers are mainly suitable for engraving metals, but can also be used for wood and thermoplastics. To start a correct marking it is possible to adopt different techniques including:

  • surface and sub-surface incision
  • ablation
  • annealing
  • carbonization
  • foaming
  • color change

SMEs use this practical and innovative solution in manufacturing and supply chain processes. It is in fact a permanent and high quality marking technique, made with special sheets and labels.

How laser marking of a product works

The marker uses the intense beam of light that focuses on the surface of a certain object. In this way the laser beam creates the image on the surface to be machined, piloted with movable mirrors or with a plotter head.

Depending on the characteristics of the laser source, an instantaneous peak power density of several hundred kilowatts is delivered to the product, causing an instantaneous surface modification and thus etching the object.

The advantages of a laser marker for identifying goods

The main advantages, compared to the classic labeling, concern the absence of some elements such as:

  • inks
  • masks
  • solvents
  • acids

This not only improves the result, but also affects the reduction of maintenance costs.

A second important advantage is related to durability, in fact, unlike many engraving techniques that cause the removal of a part of the material, laser engraving does not cause this removal. For this, the laser creates a change in the color of the material, resulting in a visible, practically indestructible mark.

With this production method, the labels are resistant to temperatures, abrasion, chemicals and adverse weather conditions, ensuring maximum protection against counterfeiting and fraud.

A very interesting advantage for all those who have to deal with the identification of a product with variable data, is the possibility of having an automatic or semi-automatic operation: in addition to the fixed layouts, with a special software module it is possible to import variable laser marking contents from Excel or XML files, etc… with simplicity.

Finally, the environmental impact should not be underestimated, since the technology does not use inks, solvents or other consumables, thus saving on the environment and costs.

Finlogic products available for laser marking

Among the solutions available in our catalog there are some highly technological proposals such as:

  • the  LaserPLUS marking software , which allows the marking of text, graphics, codes such as Data Matrix or barcodes, serial numbers, logos, and more;
  • the  marking with manual loading  of up to 70mm in height, with which it is possible to open the area of the laser protective casing and positioning pieces with a maximum height of 70mm;