Service of 3D Printing

3D Printing Service throughout Italy

Those who do not own a 3D printer or do not consider it appropriate to have one can rely on Finlogic's efficient 3D printing service, a useful support for the design and modeling for the optimization of each project or production. For each sector we 3D print products with professionalism and accuracy in a very short time, also offering advice in the choice of materials and support in the design and creation of the three-dimensional file.

We are able to produce and ship throughout Italy.

Thanks to the large multitechnology machine park we have, we are configured as a 3D production factory divided into production lines with respect to the different materials with which we are able to make any type of product.

Thanks to our 3D printing service, we are able to be competitive and fast, we are able to support the customer from prototype to batch production, our printed pieces can be used as finished parts thanks to the certified tolerances with which we work, guaranteeing repeatability of the 95%.

Mass production with 3D printing: what are the benefits?

Reduction of production costs

Mass production with 3D printing allows you to reduce all costs associated with the production of molds, eliminate waste costs, eliminate the concept of minimum quantity. All this translates into immediate savings.

Time to market reduction

We can start production instantly by shortening the stages of the production chain by quickly placing the product on the market. So immediate capitalization of production and competitive advantage over competitors.

Customization of production

Producing additives means having the freedom to customize, that is, being able to design and produce a “smart” product. So we can conceive products that contain in their form a series of aids for assembly, designed for modular assembly, molded already assembled. Another advantage is being able to change the shape during production without incurring further costs or delays.

Wide choice of materials

We have over 20 certified materials for various uses, suitable for use as finished parts.

3D printing services: for which sectors?

Every sector can take advantage of our 3D printing service. For example, the automotive sector which can poison itself for the production of technical components with technopolymers, or the mechanical sector for the production of gears or devices for end use, or even for the electronics sector for housings or other devices.

The usefulness of 3D is also visible in the window and door sector for the production of caps, guide profiles, etc., or for typography and graphic arts where it can be useful to produce templates and planks for flat plotters, furniture or displays for the retail sector. any type of gadget that can be customized with a logo or image of the brand and any type of product for merchandising. And it can also be indispensable for marketing where it is necessary to produce plaques, trophies and displays and therefore to those involved in the sale of accessories or exhibiting products.It is now also essential in the aerospace sector where 3D is essential to produce certified components for aerospace. It is also widely used for everything related to the production of packaging, such as trays, devices, containers. Finally, it is used in the visual or cinema sector to produce sets, mannequins, life-size installations or backlit signs.

Large format 3D printing: from today we can print to infinity

We recently added our new technology to our machine fleet, unique in Italy and beyond, capable of producing large 3D prints without any shape or length limit in high-performance materials, ensuring excellent surface quality. For example, we are able to produce with a single print outdoor illuminated signs, the dashboard of a car, a bookcase or a display, the cover of an industrial machinery, profiles for totems and any other object for which the printing of large format.

Whatever your sector you belong to, request a quote on Finlogic SpA.