Sato partner

Finlogic S.p.A. is SATO's Premier Plus Partner for Italy, a global provider of automatic identification solutions that connect people, products and information.

The wide range of Sato products includes desktop thermal transfer printers, industrial printers and RFID label printers, as well as portable direct thermal printers, usually used in logistics or hospitals.

SATO AEP: for personalized management of label printing operations

With the Web Suite AEP (Web Application Enabled Printing) Sato offers a platform that allows you to create fast, dynamic and agile applications that simplify even the most complex operations. AEP allows you to customize the operations of two SATO intelligent printers such as the FX3 and CT4-LX, simplifying the labeling process in many areas of production, retail and distribution.

Sato Technical Assistance

The many years of experience of the Finlogic technical sales team, and the ten-year collaboration with Sato, allows us to respond efficiently to any request for pre and post sales support, operating throughout the country thro