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Production of labels

Finlogic adhesive labels

Three factories, over sixty adhesive label production lines. These are the numbers of Finlogic which, thanks also to the know-how of its subsidiaries, is able to satisfy labeling requests for any field of application: from logistics to food, from large-scale distribution to retail, passing through the automotive sector. and the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health, chemical, cosmetic sectors, up to the world of transport and education.

From this perspective, the partnership with the major paper mills in the sector should be read. This allows us to offer quality materials at competitive prices. All this by operating with the main conformity certifications, paying particular attention to the issue of sustainability.

FSC® certification and sustainable packaging

In order to support companies wishing to offer 100% sustainable packaging, Finlogic has chosen to operate according to FSC® certification. It is an international, independent and third-party certification, specific for the forest sector and products deriving from forests - woody and non-woody -. The one obtained by Finlogic is the Chain of Custody certification, for processing companies, which allows us to guarantee that the labels are the result of raw materials from responsibly managed forests, according to the FSC® protocols.

In addition, Finlogic offers compostable and biodegradable printing materials, for those who choose to offer a totally sustainable product packaging.