Toshiba partner

Finlogic S.p.A. is Toshiba Tec's Partner and Official Distributor for Italy of printers for barcode labels, offering certified technical assistance throughout the national territory.

Toshiba thermal barcode printers are the perfect solution for labeling applications, from receipts to shipping labels to any other type of specialist label. Toshiba’s wide range of printers includes desktops, laptops, industrial printers and RFID label printers.

Two reasons to choose Toshiba: Near Edge and Save Ribbon head

NEAR EDGE HEAD: a particular print head technology that allows some models of the industrial range to print at high speed and high resolution, also bringing with it the advantage of the Ribbon Save function
RIBBON SAVE: characteristic function of machines with Near Edge (industrial) head that allows to consume less ribbon in printing processes that involve the insertion of a variable data limited to the size of the label.
The "Ribbon-Save" function allows the head to be lifted, in the absence of text to be printed, with the blocking of the sliding of the ribbon and the passage of only the media.

Linerless technology, Green technology

Toshiba has always supported various Green projects and could not miss a printer with linerless technology, i.e. no silicone to be disposed of! The desktop model BV420D-GL uses the continuous-length, linerless (ie silicone-free) thermal paper roll, allowing you to manage multiple label formats with a single print media: the integrated cutter actually cuts the label to the desired size.
No environmental impact deriving from waste!

Automatic label applicator

APLEX4 printer and applicator: a solution that allows you to automate the labeling process. The data is printed on the label and then automatically applied to the items one by one, with variable product information such as expiration date, lot and serial numbers, for customers in all industries. Toshiba Technical Support

The many years of experience of the Finlogic technical sales team allows us to respond efficiently to any request for pre and post sales support, operating throughout the country through an articulated network of professionals. For technical support, it is necessary to fill in the RMA form that can be downloaded on this page to receive assistance or request a quote for the repair of Toshiba printers. If you wish, you can subscribe to a multi-year technical assistance contract to have free and priority access to telephone support.