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The best solutions for 3D printing

Sale of professional 3D printers throughout Italy for all the needs of your company

The  3D printing  represents the evolution of 2D desktop printing. It allows through an additive manufacturing process to produce a three-dimensional model with the help of some materials such as resins or metals. The experience gained over the years working in direct contact with various 3D printer technologies   has allowed us to develop an   optimized and selected equipment catalog , in which the priority has been the search for systems that are above all reliable and performing. Thanks to the partnership with manufacturers and distributors, over the years we have become  resellers and training centers  and have had the privilege of installing the  best  professional 3D printers in companies that have believed in innovation and in particular in  industrial 3d printing technology .

Service, consumables and packages dedicated to any industrial 3D printing application

Finlogic SpA offers consultancy, sales and assistance on professional 3D printers

We have studied packages dedicated to specific applications and sectors to allow the customer to actively insert the  industrial 3D printer  in their business to make it immediately operational and productive. The range of materials is composed of a wide choice of polymers for high-performance and extreme applications, a wide choice of  colored plastics branded Smab3D  (about 32 colors),  biomedical resins  and  meltable  cartridges for color printing  and all other accessories useful for printing processes.

What are  professional 3D printers for  in the company? From the very beginning, the scope of action of 3D printers has been the industrial one for  making prototypes  relatively quickly and inexpensively. It allows engineers and designers to  touch their creations  with their own hands without the need to start a real production process. Think for example of  the mechanical sector  where the use of a 3D printer makes it possible to produce components of an engine or other equipment to carry out an in-depth analysis.

Each company or industry can also count on our training for initial start-up operations, can purchase a   telephone assistance service pack and, above all, in the event of a stop or over-production of their 3D printer, they can rely on our production lines.