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The high quality and reliability of A4 and A5 printed labels

The constant evolution of new technologies in the sector is certainly one of the main causes of a constant increase in demand for printed adhesive labels. Whether it is laser or inkjet printers, it is increasingly important to equip your company with high quality labels, resistant to high temperatures and suitable for all types of printing.

Precisely to meet these needs, Finlogic SpA offers a wide selection of labels printed in A4 and A5 sheets for laser or inkjet printers. Specifically designed to satisfy every technical but also aesthetic need.

Printed labels in sheets for various product sectors

Printed A4 or A5 adhesive sheets are useful in many markets. Labels printed in sheets for laser printing are widespread in the automotive sector, in the pharmaceutical sector and in many others and with different applications and utilities. It is important to equip your company with the most effective labeling system to facilitate processes such as, for example, cataloging and inventory with the management of barcodes and identification codes. Printed labels are also very useful for reporting, identification tags for durable goods and for electronic equipment and components.