Wide range of label rewinders for digital and thermal transfer printers

On the vast online catalog of Finlogic you can find the best models of  label rewinders compatible with any model of printer . These types of tools allow you to  rewind reels  following the speed of the printer, avoiding stops or jerks. You can customize both the speed and the direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) of advancement, in case of paper break or anomaly, a sound signal warns of the problem and a clutch allows you to stop the rotation of the motors.

Different width solutions are also available for these devices: ask for a personalized quote.

Rewinder for self-adhesive labels for every professional need

The machine for rewinding the labels on reels must be precise and reliable, performing all the operations even without the presence of an operator. On Finlogic we offer only quality rewinders and unwinders models, equipped with a solid and robust steel structure with a large support base for a very stable connection with the printer. Thanks to their quality, the rewinders and unwinders available on Finlogic are built to be used on an industrial level and connected to different types of printers.

Visit our range of motorized label unwinders and rewinders for digital printers and thermal transfer printers.