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The best models of DTM Print / Primera color label printers

Finlogic is the official distributor for Italy of DTM Print / Primera digital printers

Primera Technology, over 10 years ago, was the first company in the world to build desktop printers for the color printing of small quantities of labels on reels.

Today, it offers the widest variety of inkjet printer models for the most common  printing on demand needs of labels for wines, beers, beverages, preserves, foods, cosmetics, chemicals  and more. All Primera products are innovative and highly technological, but above all perfect for printing as needed, small and medium quantities of labels on reels.

The latest Inkjet DTM Print / Primera models in the Finlogic catalog are the: LX2000e, LX910e, LX500e, to print color labels in high resolution directly in the company, saving time and money. The new FX510e DTM, on the other hand, is thermal transfer and allows you to make a second overprinting step to apply metallic and brilliant finishes such as gold, silver, red and blue.

Thanks to the availability of pigmented inks now on all models, it is possible to print labels on demand that are extremely resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents, thus producing in the company, long-lasting labels and in the desired quantities, while maintaining high quality and a low cost print.