The ultra-resistant neutral labels on reels

Production of neutral self-adhesive labels for digital or thermal printers

Finlogic is one of the leading Italian retailers of neutral adhesive labels for the personalization of products, boxes, bundles and pallets, suitable for thermal transfer or digital printing. A range of over 20 composition materials are available in stock: matte or glossy, textured, natural vellum paper, thermal paper or plastic materials such as white, transparent or silver polyester, polypropylene, vinyl, pet and more, in combination with different types of adhesives: permanent, extra strong, for frozen food, removable and much more. Furthermore, these types of label materials are available both for thermal transfer printing with ribbon and for digital inkjet or laser printers. We, therefore, ensure the use of ultra-resistant adhesives suitable for each specific use of the product to be labeled.

Neutral labels in roll for each customization

The customer can also customize them in the most suitable format (rectangular, square, round, oval, shaped) and add any type of information (addresses, batches, expiry dates, product codes) in the form of a barcode, text or image.

The choice of suppliers of certified raw materials of the highest quality allows us to supply the highest quality adhesives, made and set up with the utmost care and precision.