Stampante etichette industriale Honewywell RP2 e RP4

Honeywell RP2 and RP4 industrial barcode printers are a series of ultra-strong and reliable portable receipt printers. A competitive solution for performance and withstands drops and exposure to dust and water.

Honeywell RP Series Label Printers

Honeywell's portable and sanitizable RPe series printers have been designed for stronger and more reliable performance. This is the most appropriate answer for those who work in various sectors such as:

  • shipments
  • direct delivery to the store
  • the printing of subpoenas
  • printing of receipts for the return of rental cars
  • in the field of services.

Both models in the series are resistant to frequent drops, vibrations and exposure to dust and water. All these features make these portable printers suitable for industries where there is a very high workflow and business is hectic.

Among the most important features are resistance to rigid temperatures and IP54 protection against infiltration, they are also optimized for daily receipt printing reaching a print capacity of up to 13 centimeters per second.

This RPe series designed by Honeywell has been designed for different print sizes, so that it can be adapted to any need.

The battery is rechargeable and even if it is necessary to replace it during a job, this operation can take place without having to turn off the printer, in fact it does not lose connectivity and does not require a restart, so productivity is fluid and uninterrupted.

Technical characteristics of the Honywell RPe series

  • rechargeable battery
  • sensor that checks the battery status
  • compatible with all the most popular protocols and languages ​​for thermal printers
  • with detectors of empty spaces between labels or black marks above and below the support
  • 2m drop resistance and 0.5m 1000 impact resistance
  • supported by the latest wireless technology.

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