The Honeywell PM42 industrial label printer is a device that uses metal for a longer duration over time and a unique reliability in the result.

Honeywell PM42 industrial label printer

The Honeywell Model PM42 Industrial Label Printer is a mid-range device designed to meet the speed and durability demands that label companies express. It comes with a robust structure and an intuitive interface, very easy to use. The casing is entirely made of metal, this ensures reliability of operation and longer operating times, and it is also a printer capable of handling heavy printing tasks.

The ideal fields of application for this printer are:

  • distribution centers
  • stores
  • production environments
  • transport
  • Retail

Smart Printing Technology

Class-leading print speeds of up to 300mm / s (12 ips) enable high-volume printing at peak times. Run sophisticated apps directly on the printer with industry-leading Honeywell Smart Printing technology.

The user interface is convenient and intuitive thanks to the color LCD display with multilingual support. Unique one-touch label setup shortcuts simplify maintenance and reduce both the need for staff training and device support needs.

The integrated web interface allows you to easily install, monitor and configure the printer using devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Built-in device management and diagnostics capabilities reduce downtime and simplify deployment.

Technical details on Honeywell product PM42

Unlike other printers on the market, the PM42 model has a metal casing that allows for increased durability and reliability in high-stress industrial environments. The PM42 printer minimizes downtime and maintenance costs with a printhead equipped with a magnetic quick coupling and designed for quick removal without the use of tools, and an easily removable print roller.

The display of the device is in color, with indications in 9 languages ​​selectable by the user. This makes it easy and intuitive to use with no need for staff training.

Thanks to the Honeywell hi industrial label printer, users can conveniently manage printing even remotely with the integrated Web interface that allows you to install, monitor and configure work even from mobile devices.

The PM42 printer is the best choice for companies that print 5,000–15,000 labels per day.

Among the strengths of this printer we find the high printing speed, up to 300 mm / s (12 ips), moreover, with the Smart Printing technology it is possible to run applications, print labels and even control other devices directly from the printer. without having to connect a PC.

The PM42 industrial thermal printer integrates perfectly with existing IT systems even with devices from other brands.

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