Scanner Voyager 1470


The Voyager ™ Extreme Performance (XP) 1470 Series scanner is designed for highly accurate 1D / 2D scanning. This reader has the ability to scan many types of barcodes:

  • traditional barcodes
  • digital screens
  • damaged and difficult to read codes

Voyager is sold with a 5 year warranty for wired models and a 3 year warranty for wireless models.

Advanced barcode performance stores many other scans daily including:

  • price tags for goods
  • digital coupons
  • codes
  • wallets from customers' smartphones

These Honeywell readers provide on-demand scanning insights with Operational Intelligence software enabling increased employee productivity.

Bluetooth® has a longer range than competing devices so as to have greater operational flexibility in times of increased flow.

Voyager ™ XP 1470 Series Scanners offer:

  • longer life
  • more powerful scanning functions
  • ideal for hectic flows
  • 1D and 2D barcode reading
  • robust and reliable design

The Voyager XP 1470 Series scanners have been designed to provide advanced barcode reading capabilities.

The extended scan distance allows direct reach to the bottom of the customer's cart, while the long range of Bluetooth promotes greater operational flexibility to streamline queues.

The Voyager XP 1470 Series scanners are particularly suited to harsh environments, and the design has been designed to withstand 30 1.8m drops and 1000 0.5m shocks.

Finally, these readers are fully backward compatible with existing Voyager accessories, reducing the total cost of ownership.

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