Sterilization labels

Sterilization labels are special labels subject to color change with sterilization, which can be of four types:

  • labels for sterilization with steam (10 min to 121°): on each production batch that is sent to the laboratory, the production batch is changed;
  • labels for sterilization with ethylene oxide: for the wood sector, for pallets for example (for wooden animals);
  • sterilization labels with plasma gas or hydrogen peroxide:to sterilize metal or steel instruments in the medical sector;
  • Gamma ray sterilization labels: these are Tyvec labels to be affixed to bags sterilized with surgical instruments.

In the health sector Finlogic is already a recognized partner with products that comply with the dictates of laws and meet the needs of companies operating in the field or in contact with the health sector.

Finlogic sterilization labels are made following the latest legislative updates, perfectly compliant and suitable for purpose and use in healthcare companies.