Stylish and versatile Dolphin CT40 laptop based on the time-tested Mobility Edge platform to help retail store associates and other highly mobile workers increase productivity and ensure customers have a consistent all-day experience .

Honeywell Dolphin ™ CT40 computer

Dolphin CT40  is a  sleek and stylish business-grade full-touch lightweight device  that improves worker productivity by  automatically identifying products . Businesses today need a single device that can handle everything from order  retrieval  at the distribution center to  in-store merchandising  and  home delivery . At the same time, the mobile device must help them offer customers a high-quality and consistent experience across channels.

High mobility to improve productivity

With an  octo-core chipset  , high-performance, a  free Wi-Fi fast  and  4G LTE connectivity , the laptop Dolphin CT40 offers members a  quick access to business-critical information  when they are needed.

The Dolphin CT40 is robust thanks to the durable housing and screen that protect the unit from accidental drops. Based on the Honeywell Mobility Edge ™ platform  , the Dolphin CT40 laptop can be upgraded to five generations of Android ™,  from Android Nougat to Android R , ensuring a time-tested investment. The Mobility Edge hardware platform and enterprise lifecycle tools offer an integrated, repeatable and scalable approach to accelerate and secure development, deployment, performance and lifecycle management.

Compatible with a wide range of connected Honeywell applications, third party software and a full complement of accessories, the Dolphin CT40 laptop is more than just a hardware device - it is a highly integrated solution for retail and mobile environments in where light assignments are carried out, with all the tools necessary for companies to manage daily activities, from the sales floor and from the warehouse inside to logistics and delivery outside.

Technical features:

  • Display: 12.7 cm TFT high definition (1280 × 720 px);
  • Touchscreen: Capacitive Multi-touch, Gorilla Glass 5;
  • Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 660 octo-core 2.2 GHz;
  • Memory: 2GB or 4GB DDR4 RAM, 32GB Flash;
  • Operating system: Android 7.1.1 Nougat (system compatibility up to Android R);
  • Camera: 13-megapixel color camera with auto focus;
  • Battery: Li-ion smart battery, 3.8V, 4090mAh with built-in diagnostic tools;
  • Hours of operation: 12 hours +;
  • Scan engine: Honeywell N3601 and N6603 slim imager (1D and 2D barcode symbologies); Honeywell SDK for Android.

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