Wines and drinks

Label printing solutions for wine and beverages

Similarly to the food sector, the beverage sector, from non-alcoholic, healthy ones, to wines, craft beers and spritzes, needs labels for traceability, identification and precise information on the products, from the name to the methods of use and storage. After all, these are liquids to be ingested, so absolute safety is essential.

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Adhesive labels for drinks

High quality custom bottle label printing

Adhesive bottle labels are a key element for beverage production and distribution. It is necessary to have labels that provide detailed information compliant with regulations and useful for the choice of the end customer.

The colors, the data relating to the year of production, the geographical area and the quality of the drink itself, must be present on the label and are indispensable for this product sector, providing a practical but also aesthetic value to the bottle. The personalized adhesive label together with the bottle already has a strong evocative power.