Security and anti-burglary

Solutions for security and anti-burglary

The labels, apparently simple pieces of self-adhesive paper, can become necessary tools to guarantee the safety of products on the market, to identify violations, manipulations and theft. In any sector, be it food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic, sealing products effectively prevents the content from being damaged or manipulated.

Finlogic, through its tamper-evident labels, offers safe protection methods that guarantee added value in terms of reliability and quality assurance of the shipping service. To make it impossible to detach and reposition the label, it is possible to use materials that, in case of removal, break easily.


A know-how developed over 20 years of experience in the sector, which allows us to offer a series of solutions:

  • Production of neutral or printed labels;
  • Barcode printers for printing barcodes and variable data;
  • Supply of related ribbon tapes;
  • Digital color label printers for on-demand production;
  • Barcode readers and terminals for reading 1D and 2D codes;
  • Production of automatic labeling solutions, designed and studied ad hoc according to the needs of the production lines of each individual customer;
  • Development of customized mobile software for logistics management (WMS);
  • UV plotters and CNC pantographs for the on-demand creation of customized packaging directly in the company.