Solutions for healthcare facilities and hospitals

The healthcare sector, like the pharmaceutical sector, has heterogeneous needs in relation to the processes of identification, traceability and labeling, both of goods and products, and of people.

Finlogic collaborates with hospitals and healthcare facilities, clinics, dental offices, laboratories and analysis centers for the supply of technologically advanced solutions in order to ensure the identification and traceability of operations:

During the pandemic period, the attention paid to this sector has further grown by adding even more targeted and specific solutions.

In Finlogic it is possible to find the right partner for the supply of:

  • neutral or pre-printed labels for blood tubes and bags, as well as for meal or archive management;
  • patient identification bracelets;
  • sterilization labels for surgical instruments
  • barcode printers with sanitizable and disinfectable cases for printing barcodes and variable data;
  • barcode readers and terminals with sanitizable and disinfectable structures for reading 1D and 2D codes.
  • digital color label printers for on-demand production of labels for patient management, medical records, meals, health products warehouse etc;
  • Development of customized mobile software for logistics management (WMS).

With a view to the innovation we aim for every day, in collaboration with the sister company Smart Lab Industrie 3D, 3D printers have also arrived in the healthcare sector, such as some 3D printers for the production of prostheses or in the dental sector.