Solutions for manufacturing

Materials that can be used on different surfaces, able to last over time and withstand the most diverse environmental conditions. These are some of the characteristics of the labels for the manufacturing sector, an area in which Finlogic has gained a long experience over time, as well as specific know-how. This is thanks to the research and development department and the presence of the group's subsidiaries.

It is important to remember the role of traceability in this market, which sees RFID tags increasingly protagonists. In this sense, over the past 20 years, Finlogic has developed specific expertise in automatic identification, labeling, marking and traceability solutions within the entire production chain of the manufacturing sector.

Finlogic therefore offers all-round solutions. In particular:

  • Production of neutral or printed labels;
  • Barcode printers for printing barcodes and variable data;
  • Supply of related ribbon tapes;
  • Digital color label printers for on-demand production;
  • Laser markers for durable labels
  • Barcode readers and terminals for reading 1D and 2D codes;
  • Production of automatic labeling solutions, designed and studied ad hoc according to the needs of the production lines of each individual customer;
  • Development of customized mobile software for logistics management (WMS);
  • UV plotters and CNC pantographs for the on-demand creation of customized packaging directly in the company.

The collaboration with the sister company Smart Lab Industrie 3D, allows us to have a specific preparation on 3D printers, used today also in the electronic production sector, especially for small spare parts or components. The high know-how has allowed us to design and build the first 3D printer in the world capable of integrating an Rfid or NFC tag directly into the 3D printed parts, in order to create smart objects in an IoT production perspective: the Layerloop. . For example, there are several successful cases in the production of frames.