Logistics and transport

Solutions for logistics and transport

The activity of logistics and transport companies, following the pandemic period, has undergone the development of a series of criticalities, such as the increase in the amount of work in some sectors, the shortage of stocks in many warehouses and the management of travel without cargo. Thanks to the growth of e-commerce that has provided a new push towards the digitization of transactions. Finlogic, together with its subsidiaries, offers tailor made solutions for all logistic and warehouse areas, not only for transport and logistics companies, but for all those who are faced with problems of managing traceability and automatic identification within the own warehouses.

Thanks to technologies and devices designed for each logistics sector, with Finlogic it is possible to increase productivity and efficiency. The Staf plant, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Finlogic Group, has been supplying the major national and international couriers for years, with which it has established a secure and continuous customer relationship, producing hundreds of thousands of labels every day for the shipping and every shape and type.

The Smart Logistics division is coordinated by highly specialized personnel in the development of specific hardware and software solutions for the following sector areas:

  • Management of loading and unloading areas;
  • Receiving goods;
  • Storage and procurement;
  • Stock and material management;
  • Picking;
  • Packaging and preparation;
  • Fast sorting;
  • Shipping;
  • Inventory;
  • Traceability and delivery management.

The hardware solutions proposed by Finlogic are:

  • Production of neutral or printed labels;
  • Barcode printers for printing barcodes and variable data;
  • Supply of related ribbon tapes;
  • Digital color label printers for on-demand production;
  • Barcode readers and terminals for reading 1D and 2D codes;
  • Production of automatic labeling solutions, designed and studied ad hoc according to the needs of the production lines of each individual customer;
  • Development of customized mobile software for logistics management (WMS);
  • UV plotters and CNC pantographs for the on-demand creation of customized packaging directly in the company.