Finlogic solutions for the world of jewelry

Jewelery products need to be identified via a barcode and priced. Given the usually very small dimensions, it is necessary to apply special adhesive labels made with specific materials. These in fact must adhere to themselves and not to the labeled article.

Finlogic has an innovative film available to achieve this. It has an exclusive coating that activates an adhesive resin only when it comes into contact with a surface made of a similar material (therefore if it closes on itself) or when applied to glass.

These band labels that close on themselves, find application not only in the jewelry sector, but also on eyewear, glassware, some cosmetics, promotional labels, cables and industrial labeling.

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Not just labels though. In fact, Finlogic offers other services such as:

  • the production of neutral and printed labels;
  • supply of black and colored ribbons;
  • printed satin for ribbons and packaging;
  • thermal transfer barcode printers;
  • digital printers for color labels on demand;
  • barcode readers and terminals for reading 1D and 2D codes.

With a view to the innovation we aim for every day, in collaboration with the sister company Smart Lab Industrie 3D, 3D printers are increasingly widespread in the production of jewelry, for the creation of particular and very refined processes, especially in production. of negative molds, for the gold pouring inside, using a water-soluble printing material.