Education and libraries

Solutions for education and libraries

Inventory, order, trace. The needs related to the education and library sectors are particularly heterogeneous. They can in fact concern books, but also documents and collections of all kinds. Areas that obviously require a high level of customization.

Finlogic, therefore, offers printing solutions for neutral or colored labels, suitable for the identification of materials for this sector.

These labels can be of different sizes depending on the needs of the market:

  • small, applicable to the backs of books or documents placed on shelves;
  • large, applicable in the internal part of the books, documents and objects belonging to the various collections.

The company's customized labels can be placed on rough surfaces or on any other material with very complex adhesion capacity.

Not just labels though. In fact, Finlogic offers other services such as:

  • thermal transfer printers and digital color printers;
  • black or colored ribbons;
  • barcode readers and terminals for coding 1D and 2D codes
  • Development of customized mobile software for logistics management (WMS).