Solutions for the food industry

Finlogic has been a supplier to many companies in the food sector for over 20 years, such as producers of fruit and vegetables, dairies, cured meats, bakers and pasta factories, producers of preserves, sweets and chocolate, refrigerated and frozen foods, fourth range, take-away foods, pet foods. and drinks in general.

For each of them we offer 360° solutions for automatic identification and traceability within the entire production and distribution chain of the various food markets.

Printing of food labels

All the best solutions for food label printing
Finlogic produces adhesive labels for application on any type of food product.

The type of material, the choice of colors and printing technology to be used in the production of food labels, is evaluated on the basis of the product contained in the package to be labeled, the conservation of the product and the conditions under which the label will be exposed. once applied, as well as of course to the image of the company and the product.

Finlogic supplies both printed labels, for direct or indirect food contact, and neutral or pre-printed labels for the overprinting of variable data, lot and expiry date.