Swift color – SCL-4000P EN

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Inkjet printer with ultra resistent colors

The SCL-4000P is a full color ink-jet label printer. High quality, weather resistant and durable reproduction is achieved by utilizing pigment-based ink. The SCL-4000P utilizes a pigment-based ink with excellent weather resistance and durability. It is well suited to create labels and identification tags where color stability is required over a long period of time.

By utilizing the line printing method, the fastest print speeds are achieved at up to 150mm per second. In general, the print heads of most ink-jet printers move back and forth and from side to side to cover the print area. In contrast, the SCL-4000P utilizes a full width fixed print head that is as wide as the print media. Only the media moves as it passes under the print head. This allows the highest print speeds possible.


  • 4 inch media
  • High speed. 5.9ips (200mm / sec)
  • High quality. 1200dpi
  • Multi-color pigment based printing (4 color/BK, C, M, Y)
  • Single-pass printhead architecture
  • Desktop, compact and lightweight
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