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ribbon trasferimento termicos

Ribbons and label printing quality

Finlogic offers a wide range of ribbons to meet all the demands for label printing.
Ribbons or thermal transfer ribbons are the essential component for working in a proper way with a label printer. More precisely the ribbon represents the most important element for guaranteeing an optimum print quality providing at the same time the best protection for the print head.

Ribbons, thermal transfer ribbons…
Ribbons, also called thermal transfer ribbons are available in different measurements in terms of length and width and can even be coupled with top quality pigments for printing on normal paper as well as for printing on synthetic materials also with indelible certifications.

Types of Ribbons
Finlogic in their factories in the Province of Bari and their new premises in Rovescalla, near Como, distribute:
• The “wax” ribbon is ideal as a low-cost solution for relatively rougher media surface printing such as matte, glossy/art paper and tags.
• The wax/resin Ribbon is used for printing on glossy/art paper and , plastic film in general (PP, PE, PVC, etc.). It is a general purpose ribbon which contains some resin enabling it to be resistant to some solvents and is certified for contact with foodstuffs.
• The near edge “wax/resin” is a ribbon with the wax/resin features which is used only on some printers that have Near Edge print heads.
• The resin Ribbon is used for printing on plastic film media in general and polyamide, satin and polyester fabrics. It is ideal for extreme conditions such as asset labelling due to the unique resistance to most solvents including alcohol, oils, fats, etc.

All ribbon types are available in a wide range of colours to ensure that your application needs are met.

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Standard Ribbon
Original Sato Ribbon
Ribbon trasferimento termico
Color Ribbon