Sato Thermal printers

Finlogic is not just a world leader for bar codes and labelling manufactured in its factories in Bari and its new premises in Como, it is also the sole distributor of SATO printers in Italy.

SATO: a world leader in thermal transfer printers

SATO is a Japanese brand and the undisputed leader in the production of thermal transfer printers, which due to their reliability and high performance and the use of latest generation technologies, are recognized and appreciated as an important global benchmark in the label and tags printer sector.

The vast range of SATO products

SATO does not only offer a wide range of direct thermal and thermal transfer printer models and solutions but in addition to these products, it also produces:

RFID smart printers
• OEM print engines
• 10.5 inch wide web printers
• printer accessories
• label design software
• labels and thermal transfer ribbons.

Notes on the functioning of SATO printers
All SATO printers are well known for their high speed, processing and printing which is even more important when you add high definition printing.  Paper loading is fast and always more intuitive as are the totally functional displays which are fitted on all the printers and on which appear information on the machine’s status, its functioning parameters and any reasons for stoppage.

SATO: undisputed top quality

A further sign of the quality of SATO printers is, on the one hand, that they have remained on the market for a very long time and much longer than other printers in the same category and, on the other hand, already in the model design phases, their compatibility which has been well researched in terms of use and accessories as well as with models for replacing them.