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Solutions for promotional labelling

The ability to implement a promotion in a short timeframe is fundamental for any commercial retail business. As competitiveness progressively increases, retail must increasingly focus on the quality projected by their image. “Immediate Sales” campaigns create interest in consumers and help to clear out seasonal stock and particularly slow selling lines. The range of SATO systems for promotions offers a series of solutions, including two colour thermal printing, the best solution for effective labels capable of attracting attention.

Promotional labels
SATO promotional labelling solutions are ideal for more complex price marking needs, such as for multiple sales. Labels are designed and produced based on your shop’s requirements, and reflect the specifications of the product identified by your brand.
Price labelling
In order to avoid confusing clients, price labels on retail items must be clear and legible. SATO offers a range of options from simple manual labelling equipment to ultra-mobile units capable of high resolution printing in a broad range of fonts. Combined with SATO’s ability to design and produce labels, these printers offer excellent results over time.
Queue busting
Surveys have shown that consumers’ single biggest complaint is queuing when ready to pay. Utilizing portable hand – held barcode terminals and lightweight thermal printers, SATO has developed systems to operate in various store environments. Whether you have RF technology in use or not, SATO has a solution to your queuing problems.
Shelf Edging labels
SATO’s shelf edge labelling products are both convenient and cost effective. Portable means it can be used at the shelf edge. They also boast a ribbon free printing system using thermal card giving a print clarity that is second to none. In addition to a wide choice of fonts, colours and backgrounds can be specified providing you with a distinctive result.
SATO also provides database software and hardware for hand-held scanning systems, in order to make your stock take easier and more efficient. Our systems can either be based on a batch collection method, where data is uploaded via a data cradle or based on wireless technology for real time updating of database records.
Hang Tags or Swing Tickets
SATO can produce swing tickets in all shapes, sizes and thickness, appropriate to the needs of the brand. SATO’s printers can then be used to print any variable information such as bar codes, pricing and size.

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