SATO printing solutions… that work!

SATO, AIDC systems pioneer and industry leader in bar code printing, labelling and EPC/RFID solutions, offers a complete series of industrial bar code printers to satisfy the strict and unavoidable requisites of the production process.

Renowned for their reliability and resilience, SATO printers, together with smart andindustrial SATO labels, offer reliable and high quality printing in the most demanding production environments.

From the tracking of raw materials to the improved planning of materials, distribution and logistics, from inventory tracking to works in progress tracking, SATO bar code printing and RFID solutions allow for time saving, cost reduction, increased efficiency and improved productivity.
SATO… for an excellent work flow!

• Automobile industry
• Chemical industry (GHS and REACH labelling)
• Aerospace sector
• Computers and Electronics
• Industrial machinery
• Packaged consumer goods
• Metals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Textiles sector

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