Label sheets for laser printers

Laser label manufacture
Due to the increase of personal computers and the installation of connected printers, the demand for A4 and A5 adhesive label sheets for laser printers is constantly growing.
Adhesive label sheets can be supplied:
•  neutral and printed
• on paper and in plastic materials
•  with permanent adhesive
•  with peel off adhesive.
The adhesive on the label has been carefully studied to sustain the high temperatures of black and white and colour printers.


Labels which can withstand high temperatures
Laser labels are printed on surfaces which are also subject to extreme environmental conditions from the point of view temperature and so we use our truly innovative technology.  These labels cannot only withstand high temperatures they are also resistant to violations and tampering attempts.


Labels for cataloguing and more
The label sheets for laser printers can be designed in all types of formats and colours and are used in a wide range of sectors for different purposes, starting from:
•  cataloguing
•  inventory control
•  bar codes
•  ID code applications

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