Application areas

Labels for every need
Finlogic supplies labels and tags for every market segment and for all packaging requirements.  The labels can supplied folded, in a ribbon core, in rolls, in sheets and can be adhesive or non adhesive on paper and different weights of card and in special materials.
The experience we have acquired over the last twenty years and our constant commitment to innovative technologies has allowed our company to supply top quality products:  not only resistant but which can be personalized as well as complying with all the European regulations.


Application areas
FINLOGIC’s label application solutions are countless, e.g.:

  • Foodstuff and manufacturing sectors
  • Large scale distribution
  • Logistics and packaging
  • Chemical and mechanical industries
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Cosmetics
  • Tamper proof
  • Ribbon labels


Labels for a range of uses
Depending on their final use, labels follow a different production path and the final result is a product which is perfectly coherent with the area of use:  from labels which cannot be repositioned to respond to tamper proof requirements to those which are highly prestigious with a lot of different finishes in gold for wine companies and labels which are solvent resistant for the chemical industry.