Finlogic is a leading company in label production and distribution.

Labels are not just a means of conveying data and information, they give the product a special identity and must be eye catching so as to boost the product’s sales potential. The label is the product’s image and for this reason it is critical that you trust in a SECURE PARTNER. The partner of choice is FINLOGIC

Finlogic can design and make a wide range of labels for all production activities, and specializes in the following sectors:

• foodstuffs
• logistics
• pharmaceuticals
• healthcare
• cosmetics

Finlogic is a leading company in the production of thermal transfer ribbons and labels working with the leading brand names and is the sole distributor in Italy for SATO printers.

etichette adesive, stampate in flexografia. stampa UV o ad acqua. oro a caldo

In 2008, the company was awarded a Packaging Oscar for its presentation of an absolutely new labelling product: the MULTI-MATERIAL LABEL.

Finlogic’s labels are made in numerous materials: paper, card, plastic, PVC, polypropylene, etc. They can be adhesive, non adhesive and be supplied in a range of colours and formats.

Our team of graphic artists are ready to personalize your label defining the graphic set up and the design so that these are coherent with the product and the customers requirements