DATAMAX thermal printers

Datamax printers are fast, rugged and ideal for high volume printing.
Among the models we have available, we would like to highlight:

HIGH RANGE (H-Class Series) a printer with optimum performance, ruggedness and resistance which is the most flexible solution for accurate and quality printing in today’s dynamic enterprise applications. Designed for high volume printing needs..

  I-Class Series: One of the most comprehensive thermal printers for industrial use characterized by its revolutionary modular design and the majority of its accessories and options are field installable allowing the printer to grow with your changing business needs and with maximum flexibility.

M-Class Series: The new Datamax M-Class compact industrial strength printer is a rugged and versatile printer that provides the most accurate printing and flexible standards for today’s business requirements.  The small footprint of the M-Class is ideal for users who need the power of an industrial printer but must consider space limitations.

E-Class Series : The Datamax E-Class printer family is a lightweight and space saving line of thermal printers designed with leading edge technology for a multitude of label and tag printing applications.

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Datamax M class

Datamax M-class

The M-Class Mark II is a compact industrial strength printer series that offers the power and performance required in industrial environments, the reliability demanded in commercial applications and a small footprint when space is a consideration. It combines powerful standard features with a variety of flexible options to meet the broadest possible range of applications.

Datamax M-class mark ii

Datamax I-class Mark II

I-Class Mark II is a family of Mid Range Industrial barcode printers that are designed for a wide variety of industrial barcode printing applications. I-Class printers have a legendary reputation in the industry as the best quality printers in this category. I-Class Mark II surpasses expectations with competitive pricing for its industry leading reliability, performance, and ease of integration.


Datamax H-class

The H-Class is a rugged and versatile printer that offers one of the most feature rich solutions for dynamic enterprise applications and is twice as fast as other printers in its class. The H-Class is ideal for high-volume label printing in manufacturing, warehouse, transportation, and high resolution labeling.

Datamax e-class-mark-ii

Datamax E-class

The E-Class Mark II thermal desktop printer offers a proven and reliable label and tag printing solution in a compact footprint. It is ideal for a vast number of diverse applications that require a dependable and cost effective barcode printer. The E-Class has a uniquely designed adjustable print mechanism with advanced media sensing.