Thermal transfer printers

Leader in the bar code world
Finlogic, leader in the bar code world, distributes printers with top level performance as well as the highest level guarantee of dependability of all the products on the market.  The range includes models for all needs.
The choice of printer is made according to the use for which it is required.


Thermal transfer printers
Thermal transfer printers can print on media such as PVC, Polypropylene, cardboard, synthetic paper in general and normal paper.
Thermal transfer printers are suitable for companies who have one or more of the following needs:

  • large volume label printing,
  • bar code printing,
  • printing on special media (plastic paper, PVC, etc.),
  • weather resistant labels,
  • including the printer into a production line.


Quality comes first
Finlogic always ensures top quality products able to meet all the needs of its customers and the widest range of uses.  Our continuous commitment to research and technological updating allows us to always offer you the very top solution:  functional, efficient and also personalized.