Labels for the textiles sector

Clothes and garments, but also all the products included in the textiles sector from curtains to tablecloths and from rugs to bed linens for the home, need labels which show the fabrics used in their manufacture and the recommended washing and drying instructions which are important for keeping the garment in good condition.

Identification labels
Labels for the textiles sector also carry the brand name providing yet another attraction for the end user.
These labels personalized according to the customer’s needs serve to give the right image to the brand name and thus provide an immediate means of identification.

Non adhesive and adhesive labels
Labels for textiles can be adhesive and non adhesive and are made in:
•  paper
•  card
•  polyamide
•  satin, etc.
and can be neutral or printed.
Also we offer a range of formats from the most traditional and standard to adhesive cards in order to achieve original personalizations which maintain the brand image or the customer’s logo.

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