Labels for the Garden Centre sector

Special tags and labels are needed by the garden centre sector because the wide variety of green plants and flowering and fruit plants must be able to withstand internal or external damage or disturbances as opposed to the large amount of seeds that are dealt with in this merchandising sector.

Resistant and at the same time delicate labels
We are dealing with products that must have a label which is resistant to rain and to a variety of atmospheric agents given that plants and flowers are periodically subjected to watering and are perennially in the open air. Nevertheless, labels for the garden centre sector must be delicate so as not to damage the leaves or the stems of the plants as well as being resistant.

Personalized labels for the garden centre sector
Finlogic is also specialized in personalized label production based on customers needs and always comes up with products which are clearly legible so that the buyer can access all the information easily: from the botanic name of the plant to the recommended amount of watering, to the amount of sunlight to which it can be exposed.

Labels for the garden centre sector can be:

• labels and tags with holes
• neutral labels and tags
• printed labels and tags

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