Labels for the chemical, mechanical and electronic sectors

The chemical, mechanical and electronic sectors needinformation labels in special materials made with high strength and adhesive front labels able to resist chemical and solvent agents and withstand extreme temperature conditions.
This is due to the substances used in these sectors which not only require the use of special materials but also need to be labelled in such way as to make them recognizable and thus avoid damages which could be harmful to the health of those inadvertently coming into contact with them..

Labels according to the regulations in force
Finlogic makes labels for the chemical, mechanical and electronic sectors which fully comply with the regulations in force in the sector.  The labels must, therefore:
•  always be legible and hence, must be resistant to water and to a variety of solvents and chemical agents ;
• tightly adhere to the product on which they are to be applied so as to always comply with their information function.

High strength labels
The quality of this type of label consists of two factors, on the one hand, its resistance when it is in contact with a range of chemical agents and on the other hand on its level of adhesion of the printed characters so that it can withstand extreme temperature conditions.

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