Labels for packaging, logistics and large scale distribution

Labels define a product’s image and catch the consumer’s attention convincing them to make a purchase. Therefore, they are critical market elements, valuable levers that influence purchases and for this reason they must be made with great care having fully analyzed their potential users as well as checking the market trends.

Personalised labels: critical purchase levers
Finlogic produces labels for packaging, logistics and large scale distribution working in synergy with a team of graphic artists so as to assess every design or high visibility requirement.  The customer is supported and advised on his choice of the most suitable label for his product.

Packaging labels: crucial to the credibility of a product
These labels can be made in all types of materials:
• standard paper
• fluorescent paper
• coloured paper
• polypropylene
• PET and PVC
and also in a range of formats be they neutral or printed.
They are ideal for packing and tracking products, for guaranteeing maximum visibility and, above all can increase the commercial credibility of the product