3M endorsed labels

3M endorsed labels allow to perfectly seal packs and packages whilst at the same allowing to detect any attempts at tampering with or violating the contents..


Labels guaranteeing the safety of the goods
These adhesive labels are made with various 3M materials which conform to the rigorous quality and safety standards of the UL regulations.
These labels are made in such way as to guarantee top level adhesion to the product to which they are applied and where evidence of the goods being manipulated or tampered with can be seen immediately from the damage to the label.


Personalized labels
We can make 3M labels also by adding codes, security holograms or special writing.  In this way every customer can personalize his label based on his needs and, at the same time, be guaranteed that the goods will not be touched by anybody except the final purchaser..
Product safety and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.

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